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Birling Capital Advisors 20/22 Practice

Since Law’s 20/22 enactment we have been involved in assisting investors and their businesses with their interest in Puerto Rico’s Acts 20 and 22. We have developed a unique array of resources to help you with your needs, our services including:

  • An Analysis of your business including Federal, State and Puerto Rico income tax aspects.
  • Advisory Services for Puerto Rico business structure.
  • Entity formations.
  • Negotiation of tax exemption decrees.
  • Selection of Tax, Legal & other advisors.
  • Economic Consulting
  • The Establishment of Banking, Securities & other key service providers.
  • Assistance with Housing, Schools, Transportation, Leisure and Healthcare among other services.
  • Birling White Glove Services


Our client base includes both individuals and businesses in industries including financial, hospitality, private equity investors, as well as entrepreneurs and customers that have moved to Puerto Rico and are targeting their business to provide services for export markets.

To favorably compare our services we often remind our clients of the difference between a Travel Agent and a Tour Guide.

The Travel Agent helps you plan a great trip and usually is up to us once we get to the destination. However, a Tour Guide is a completely different story; the Tour Guide helps you plan the trip and experiences every site, sound, all the food and fun and any difficulties to address them.

Let Birling become your Tour Guide in Puerto Rico.

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