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Francisco Rodriguez

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Francisco Rodríguez-Castro, President & CEO, Birling Capital LLC

26505/20/2020Washington D.C. Latin American Advisor Publication Highlights Birling Capital’s Hospital Study see page 3
26405/19/2020El Vocero - Vivimos en dos islas distintas, sector público vs. privado
26305/18/2020THINK STRATEGICALLY: A Fable of Two Islands - Caribbean Business
26205/18/2020The Spyglass Advisor:Vivimos En Dos Islas Distintas. Sector Público vs Sector Privado
26105/15/2020El Vocero - Estudio de Birling Capital hizo la portada del periódico
26005/15/2020El Vocero - En estado de coma los hospitales del País
25905/15/2020The Savvy Client Alert: Stimulus 4 Coming Soon & Puerto Rico Hospitals Suffering
25805/12/2020El Vocero - Mantener Su empleo es Su Bono
25705/11/2020THINK STRATEGICALLY: Government Employees, Keeping Your Job is Your Bonus
25605/11/2020El Vocero - Otro Puerto Rico después del coronavirus
25505/11/2020The Spyglass Advisor: Empleados Publicos: “Mantener Su Empleo es Su Bono”
25405/07/2020Birling Capital First Quarter Review 2020
25305/06/2020Birling Capital : The COVID-19 Impact on the World, U.S. & Puerto Rico
25205/05/2020THINK STRATEGICALLY: The Magic Square - Caribbean Business
25105/01/2020The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 11 - May 2020 - 4 Forecasts, 4 Themes & 4 Reactions As Leaders Must Talk Less & Do More
25004/28/2020THINK STRATEGICALLY: The Psychological Coward - Caribbean Business
24904/27/2020The Spyglass Advisor: The Elephant in the room: Economic Recovery
24804/22/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Think Strategically:Crisis Separates Pretenders From Players
24704/21/2020The Spyglass Advisor: Las crisis separan los que Pretenden ser Lideres de los Verdaderos Lideres
24604/21/2020The Spyglass Advisor: The Shape of the Economic Recovery: "V," "U" or "L"
24504/17/2020Client Alert: Congress expected to replenish "Stimulus Funding."
24404/15/2020The Spyglass Advisor: La Crisis de Liderazgo Político de Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico
24304/14/2020Coronavirus 4/14/2020 Update
24204/14/2020Think Strategically: The OODA Loop - Caribbean Business
24104/11/2020El Vocero - Nos destinamos a una recesión
24004/08/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Think Strategically: The Coronomics Transformation
23904/07/2020The Spyglass Advisor: El Peor Período de Nuestras Vidas
23804/03/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Roundup of Principal Economic Indicators: March 30-April 3
23704/01/2020The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 10 - April 2020 - 4 Forecasts, 4 Themes & 4 Reactions Why Compassion, Leadership & Character Matter in a Crisis
23603/31/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Why Compassion, Leadership & Character Matter in a Crisis
23503/28/2020Client Alert Small Business Interruption Loans Under the CARES Act
23403/28/2020Client Alert BUSINESS PROVISIONS Under the CARES Act
23303/27/2020Client Alert: Both Senate and House Pass The Cares Act (HB748)
23203/27/2020El Vocero publica analysis de Francisco Rodrigues Castro, Presidente y CEO de Birling Capital
23103/26/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Metronome of Investor Temperament
23003/24/2020Portada de El Vocero 3/24/2020 Impacto de marca mayor Citan reporte de Birling Capital y a Francisco Rodriguez-Castro
22903/23/2020Cierre Wall Street 3/23/2020
22803/23/2020The Spyglass Advisor: Cuando la Codicia se convierte en Miedo
22703/23/2020The Spyglass Advisor: When Greed Turns Into Fear
22603/20/2020EL Vocero & Birling Capital Resumen del cierre de Wall Street 3.19.2020
22503/20/2020EL Vocero entrevista a Birling Capital sobre la caída en el valor accionario de la banca
22403/17/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Day the Bull Market Died
22303/17/2020The Spyglass Advisor: El Peor Día de la historia De Wall Street
22203/10/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Great Bulwark of Politics
22103/09/2020El Nuevo Día - Nace otra entidad para impulsar el desarrollo económico "Transforming Puerto Rico Initiative"
22003/09/2020The Spyglass Advisor: Coronavirus Derails Markets the Dow loses 1,802 points
21903/05/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - At One Point, Coronavirus Led to Loss of $5 Trillion
21803/02/2020The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 9 - March 2020 - 4 Forecasts, 3 Themes & 3 Reactions For Transformation is a Marathon not 100-meter race
21703/01/2020El Vocero Nace Transforming Puerto Rico Initiative
21602/27/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Entrepreneurship is About Making Things Happen
21502/27/2020Puerto Rico Conference & Transforming Puerto Rico Initiative
21402/19/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Puerto Rico Conference Empowering Investment
21302/17/2020The Spyglass Advisor: Chinese Economy Impacted by Corinavirus tries to reset
21202/13/2020Se unen la Cámara de Comercio, Universidad de Puerto Rico & Birling Capital Advisors para promover el empresarism
21102/11/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Transforming Puerto Rico
21002/11/2020El Nuevo Día - Celebran Puerto Rico Conference para inversionistas
20902/10/2020The Spyglass Advisor: Global and U.S. Market Rally
20802/06/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Puerto Ricans Persevere Under Any Circumstances
20702/03/2020The Spyglass Advisor: Coronavirus cost Skyrockets to $62 Billion
20602/03/2020The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 8 - February 2020 - 4 Forecasts, 4 Themes & 4 Reactions for Transforming Puerto Rico
20501/28/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - You Don’t Represent Our Values
20401/27/2020The Spyglass Advisor: The U.S., Global Markets & Coronavirus
20301/27/2020El Vocero Newspaper analizes Birling Capital`s The Spyglass Investor Report and Interviews Francisco Rodriguez, CEO Birling Capital
20201/27/2020El Vocero Analyzes Birling Capital`s Report for transforming Puerto Rico with Supra National Goals.
20101/22/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Be the Change You Want in the World
20001/21/2020The Spyglass Advisor: The U.S. Economy & Banks lead the parade
19901/20/2020El Vocero Interviews Birling Capital`s CEO Francisco Rodriguez-Castro About the Impact on the local stocks due to the earthquakes.
19801/15/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Puerto Rico’s Earth Cries Out
19701/09/2020CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Year of the Rat
19601/08/2020The Zenith Investor Volume 2 Issue 1 - January 2020 - 4 Forecasts, 4 Themes & 4 Reactions for Perambulating Global Interruption
19512/25/2019The Weekly Journal página 17, entrevista a Francisco Rodriguez-Castro CEO Birling Capital.
19412/23/2019Think Strategically, Market Update 12-23-2019
19312/17/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - P.R.`s 12 Governors Have Lacked Trascendent Goals
19212/10/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Fearlessness of Perseverance
19112/04/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Du Hamarkada 2020
19012/02/2019Birling Capital CEO Francisco Rodriguez-Castro Discusses the World Bank Ranking Ease of Doing Business 2020
18912/02/2019The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 6 - December 2019 - 4 Forecasts, 4 Themes & 4 Reactions for The Decennium Ahead: Beyond 2020
18811/28/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Metamorphosing Power of Reading
18711/22/2019Birling Capital Article on Revista Industriales Pages 52-55 Puerto Rico Vs US Banking Sector
18611/21/2019EL Vocero entrevista a Birling Capital sobre la geopolítica en los mercados.
18511/20/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Ventriloquist
18411/13/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Hawala System
18311/06/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - 1,000 Words for Puerto Rico’s Growth
18211/01/2019The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 5 - November 2019 - 4 Forecasts, 3 Themes & 3 Reactions with The Three Magnifico`s: FirstBank, Oriental & Popular
18110/31/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - P.R.`s Home-Grown Banks in Spotlight
18010/31/2019The Weekly Journal - Birling Capital Advisors: Most PRSI Firms Top U.S. Bank Stocks Under Trump
17910/23/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Golden Door
17810/22/2019El Nuevo Día - Mejora la banca estadounidense tras la llegada de Trump.
17710/17/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - What is Essential is Invisible to the Eye!
17610/10/2019Birling Capital is proud to have it`s Puerto Rico Stock Index Report featured on the cover page of The Weekly Journal. Click here, to access the story as well to download the full report.
17510/09/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Barometer of a Nation
17410/08/2019Washington D.C. Latin American Advisor Interviews Birling Capital President & CEO Francisco J. Rodríguez-Castro On the recently presented Plan of Adjustment By the Financial Oversight & Management Board
17310/03/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Tyranny of the Inbox
17209/30/2019Birling Capital - How has the Puerto Rico Stock Index Performed Since Hurricane Maria 9/20/17-9/26/19
17109/30/2019The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 3 - September 2019 - 4 Forecasts, 3 Themes & 3 Reactions for Empowering Investment
17009/30/2019Entrevista y Reporte de Birling Capital en el Vocero
16909/25/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Men`s Underwear Index
16809/19/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You!
16709/13/2019See our latest ad in Caribbean Business page 12
16609/10/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Can We Agree to Disagree?
16509/04/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Oracle`s Insight
16409/03/2019The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 3 - September 2019 - 4 Forecasts, 3 Themes & 3 Reactions For The Trumpcession
16308/29/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Scaramouche and the Magic Carpet
16208/20/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Fourth Life of Hell
16108/14/2019Birling Capital Puerto Rico Economic Update 3Q 2019
16008/13/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Change…Change… Are You Ready?
15908/08/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Price of Leadership
15808/07/2019The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 2 - August 2019 - 4 Forecasts, 3 Themes & 3 Reactions For The Last Gasp
15707/30/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - A Life that Cannot be Tested is a Life that Cannot be Trusted
15607/25/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Ego Has Landed
15507/23/2019Washington DC Latin America Advisor interviews Birling Capital CEO Francisco Rodríguez-Castro regarding the Puerto Rico Government Crisis.
15407/17/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Moral Compass & Karma
15307/15/2019The Zenith Investor Volume 1 Issue 1 - July 2019 - 4 Forecasts, 3 Themes & 3 Reactions For THE IRISH PRAYER
15207/15/2019Cámara de Comercio de Puerto Rico y Birling Capital Advisors LLC firman acuerdo de colaboración
15107/09/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Leadership is All About Character
15007/05/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The House of Freedom in the Korean DMZ
14906/28/2019Washington D.C. Latin America Advisor interviews Birling Capital President & CEO Francisco J. Rodriguez-Castro
14806/27/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Irish Prayer
14706/18/2019THINK STRATEGICALLY: Every Storm Runs Out of Rain
14606/12/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Measure for Measure: 28 Months of Trump, Rosselló
14506/04/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - An Apocalypse in Trade, Investment
14406/01/2019The Mercurial Investor Volume 1 Issue 5 - June 2019 - 4 Forecasts, 3 Themes & 3 Reactions For Apocalypse
14305/30/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Measure of Success & Failure
14205/23/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Dying Art of Disagreement
14105/16/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Same as it Ever was After 45 Years
14005/08/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Beacon of Knowledge & Wisdom
13905/02/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Thin Veneer of Civilization
13805/01/2019The Mercurial Investor Volume 1 Issue 4 - May 2019 - 4 Forecasts, 5 Themes & 5 Reactions For Investment
13704/25/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Conscience Does not Follow a Majority Rule!
13604/17/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - A Legend in his own Mind!
13504/10/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Behavioral Perspective
13404/04/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Selling, Selling, Sold… and It’s Gone
13304/01/2019The Mercurial Investor Volume 1 Issue 3 April 2019 4 Forecasts, 6 Themes & 6 Reactions For Growth
13203/28/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - A Day of Action With Yo-Yo Ma
13103/21/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Show About Nothing
13003/14/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Cautiously Optimistic About Puerto Rico
12903/14/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Birling Hires Former Treasury Secretary
12803/14/2019Birling Capital appoints CPA Teresita Fuentes as Vice-Chair.
12703/07/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Looking for a mind@work
12603/01/2019The Mercurial Investor Volume 1 Issue 2 March 2019 5 Forecast 9 Themes 9 Reactions
12502/28/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Best Crisis Ever
12402/21/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Promesa Plunging Into the Unknown
12302/14/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Year of the Pig & POBs
12202/06/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - La Jument, Jobs Growth Drive Markets
12102/04/2019The Mercurial Investor: Issue 1, Volume 1 February 2019
12001/31/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Galapagos Syndrome
11901/24/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - ´With Me, Yes it is True That No! or Conmigo Sí que No´
11801/17/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Audacity of Authenticity Takes Over
11701/10/2019CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - 5 Predictions, 5 Issues & 5 Answers for 2019
11601/09/2019Birling Capital Publication - The Never-Ending Echelon
11512/27/2018EL VOCERO DE PUERTO RICO - Continuará la volatilidad en el mercado inversor
11412/19/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Divine Contrarians Realm
11312/12/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Hard Landing for U.S. Stock Markets
11212/05/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Lin-Manuel and ‘Hamilton’- P.R. Are in Your Corner
11111/28/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Orange Wednesday or Black Friday?
11011/23/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Gifts That Change Lives
10911/15/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Rosselló 20 Months On
10811/07/2018Think Strategically: Rosselló 20 Meses Después
10710/31/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Trump 20 Months Later
10610/25/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - "La Danse Macabre"
10510/24/2018THE MARKETIMER ADVISOR - Stocks to watch to end 2018
10410/17/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Arguments of Theory vs. Reality
10310/10/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Juncture of Perdido & Carondelet Streets
10210/04/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Making Burgers Out of the Bull?
10109/28/2018CARIBBEAN BISUNESS - HIMA-San Pablo´s Life-Saving Response
10009/19/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Th e Unsung Story of Paciv Foundation
9909/13/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Democracy in Peril
9809/06/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Tribulations of Capitalism
9708/30/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Peer to Peer Conversations: José J. Villamil
9608/22/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Imperfect Revolution
9508/15/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Peer-to-Peer Conversations
9408/09/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Invest in Puerto Rico…
9308/01/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Inside the Mirage
9207/26/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Living High on the Hog
9107/19/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Sharkasm Rules
9007/12/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Darkness Always Lies
8907/05/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Do Politicians Walk in Circles?
8806/28/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Protect a Bondholder
8706/21/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - From Ordinary to Extraordinary
8606/14/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Road to Success Is Always Under Construction
8506/11/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - A Pessimist is Never Let Down
8406/07/2018Louisiana State University - Hurricane Maria: An Alumni and Faculty Perspective
8305/31/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Celebration of Humanity
8205/24/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Burning Log
8105/16/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Vote Collectors
8005/10/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Positive Revolution
7905/02/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Is This America?
7804/25/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Weight of Another’s Burden
7704/19/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Comey Case and Other Follies
7604/12/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Trade War,Markets & ‘Ay Bendito’
7504/05/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Restructuring Government Can Be Stormy
7403/22/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Smell of Petrichor
7303/15/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Art of Chaos
7203/07/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - How to Rebuild a Country
7103/01/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Lessons of History
7002/23/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Animating Spirit
6902/16/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - ´The substitute for brains is silence´
6802/09/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Groundhog Day
6701/29/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Okuvamile
6601/23/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - ´Zugzwang´
6501/17/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Dreams of My Generation
6401/08/2018CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Reviewing the president’s and the governor’s performance after their 1st year
6312/27/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - 5 Issues & 5 Answers
6212/18/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - No One's People Colonial Subjects
6112/14/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - One Nation,One Voice
6012/04/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Second Class Citizens
5911/28/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Reason for Migration
5811/20/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Journey Within
5711/15/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Facing an Uncertain Fate
5611/06/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - 47 days and 47 nights Puerto Rico in the dark
5510/30/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Ice-Cold Sushi for Breakfast
5410/20/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Puerto Rico is America
5310/13/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Begin again rebuild again succeed again
5210/02/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Our suffering strengthens our soul character and resolve
5109/14/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - ‘Find Place Inside Where  There’s Joy & It Will Burn Out Pain’
5009/11/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Making decisions because they are right
4909/07/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Making Decisions Because They Are Right
4809/06/2017El Nuevo Día - A unificar los territorios estadounidenses
4708/31/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Fate Leads Willing,Drags Along Unwilling
4608/24/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Actions Lie Louder Than Words
4508/17/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Procrastination Is Opportunity’s Natural Assassin
4408/10/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - ‘The dogs may bark,but the caravan goes on!’
4308/03/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Apocryphal & Revitalizing P.R.
4207/27/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Schadenfreude & Despacito
4107/20/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Apologist & Like a Cat in a Strange Garret
4007/13/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - G20 Encomia & Financial Oversight Board Jeremiads
3907/06/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Malefactors of Health & Budget Comeuppance
3806/29/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Know Who We Are You Understand,‘Estamos Bregando’
3706/22/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Creative Destruction & No Translation for ‘Ay Bendito’
3606/22/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Rodríguez-Castro Wins Award
3506/15/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Lion’s Den & the Path Between the Seas
3406/08/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Leadership Travesty & Which Way Forward
3306/01/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Summons To Serve & the Bankruptcy Triangle
3205/31/2017El Nuevo Día - El triángulo de la quiebra boricua
3105/24/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Swamp Alligator & Title III Court in Session
3005/18/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - On Borrowed & P.R. Time
2905/18/2017El Nuevo Día - Los retiros ante el Título III
2805/11/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - The Serial Monopolist & Title III Become Reality
2705/04/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Trump’s Fandango; Don’t Pass Go,Head Into Title III
2604/27/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Shambolic & P3s Summit
2504/20/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - IPOs,Trumpolitics; 100 Days of Rosselló
2404/12/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Syria Attack,China Summit, Jobs Report; Joseph Stiglitz
2304/05/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Trump, Brexit,Jamie Dimon on America & P.R. Bonds Tank
2203/30/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Art of Failure,Death of an Icon & P.R. Fiscal Oversight Action
2103/23/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - IPOs,Fed Raises Rates
2003/16/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - U.S. Job Growth; Rates; FOMB & Fiscal Plan
1903/09/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Warren Buffet’s America,Headed for a Correction
1803/02/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Trump-conomics Credibility
1702/23/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - Think Strategically Moral Authority Market Risk
1602/13/2017Cómo medir al gobierno sin pasión política
1502/09/2017CARIBBEAN BUSINESS - U.S. Job Growth, the Fed, Trump-onomics & Puerto Rico Debt Face of
1402/08/2017Think Strategically: U.S. Job Growth,the Fed Trumpconomics & P.R Debt Face off
1301/30/2017Think Strategically: The DOW @ 20,00​0
1201/20/2017Think Strategically: All Eyes on the New Leaders of the U.S. and Puerto Rico
1101/13/20172017 Outlook Think Strategically: Watching the USA Closely
1001/12/20175 Issues and 5 Answers looking ahead to 2017
912/20/2016Un año es suficiente para cambiar
810/29/2016Hagamos Un Tratado De País
710/12/2016Prepare For Landing The Effects Of The Fiscal Oversight Board
608/31/2016La sanación de un paÍs duele
506/26/2016Los Bonistas Sí Afectan Mi Vida
403/01/2016El Espejo De NY
301/27/2016Soy De Un País
201/05/2016El Ay Bendito No Se Traduce
107/20/2009Un País Para Todos