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Strategic Advisory Services

Key financial data is fundamental to our insights.
Information is power, when it comes to identifying and assessing the potential of companies. The most reliable research depends upon access to verifiable financial analytics. Our expertise, including analytics and understanding of impactful macroeconomic factors, can be leveraged by institutions and companies to assist in strategic decisions.

Capital Raising

Birling supports clients in evaluating their short-term and long-term capital requirements. We advise clients in securing financing to accommodate their most critical strategic growth and recapitalization initiatives, including business acquisitions, shareholder buyouts, working capital needs, and other crucial growth activities. Our partners are experts at assisting clients in securing financing from private investors through the issuance of debt or equity and obtaining senior debt, mezzanine, and equity financing from institutional lenders and private equity groups.



Birling leverages its deep knowledge of market dynamics and relevant industry trends to provide corporations, business owners, and investors with insightful valuation advice and guidance. Birling believes that every corporation should understand its current value as well as those areas that reduce the value of a going concern.

Income Approach
Market Approach
Net Asset Approach

Board Of Directors Advice

Strong corporate governance is becoming increasingly important, especially with corporations facing a significant increase in regulatory scrutiny and raised expectations regarding risk management. We provide and integrated CEO/Board Advisory Services for corporations and nonprofit institutions. Our structure allows us to uncover strengths and opportunities, even when they are not obvious. We evaluate your business holistically and provide a comprehensive view of your board and leadership bench. We deliver actionable solutions for today’s most pressing needs.

Board Effectiveness
We help boards run smoothly and effectively. Our Advisory consultants provides services to boards on improving areas such as strategic alignment among the board and management, board culture, director effectiveness and engagement, board and committee processes and structure,
Board Culture and Performance
We help companies shape their culture for better performance. We believe that the culture and chemistry of a board are directly linked to its effectiveness. We work closely with boards to define and shape a culture that ensures the board is performing at a high level and directors are fully contributing.
Governance for family-controlled firms.
Our Advisory consultants partner with family firms in their journey starting with hiring an independent directors and committee chairman followed by building out a board that can balance long-term family shareholder interests with short-term advice on governance and strategy. Our consultants identify the range of competencies, experiences and perspectives needed so that the board can serve as a true strategic asset to management while reflecting the company’s agenda.